SMS Global Advisors Law Group, LLC (“SMS Global Advisors”) serves real estate developers, investors, business owners, and financial institutions in their quest to buy, sell, lend and/or invest in real estate development and business enterprise projects. Our purpose is to:

Modern Home Exterior

Real Estate Developers, Investors

Advise Real Estate Developers, Investors, Business Owners and Financial Institutions on efficient coordination for multi-layered financing real estate and business enterprise ventures in both urban and rural communities nationwide;

Young Businesswomen

Business Owners

Assist Real Estate Developers and Business Owners with packaging loan and tax credit applications to successfully obtain real estate and business financing from private and government financial institutions;


Foreign Investors

Advise Foreign Investors on viable U.S. real estate development and business ventures for direct investment opportunities; and

Blurred Busines People

Strategic Tax Advice

Provide Strategic Tax Advice related to real estate, business, and investment activities.

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